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Replica The men's mechanical watches of the Blancpain-villeret Series 6654-1127-55B
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villeret Series
Male Table
Automatic mechanical movement
Movement Model
Stainless steel
Bottom of the table
Back through
Table mirror
Copy Sapphire crystal glass
Crocodile leather strap
Strap Color
Folding clasp
30 m
Beautifully packaged box
Date Day Almanac moon phase
Launch of Year

【Brand story]

The European Middle Ages, when Calvin wearing jewelry convicted events, more than 100 goldsmiths in Geneva from this lost their jobs, these people are proficient in carving, sanding, cutting system and create the ornaments of ordinary workers, is also a good mechanic.

After the Edict of Nantes was abolished, the Huguenots fled from France to Switzerland, sought refuge in Geneva, many of them are skilled watchmaker. The refuge life watchmaker often at the shores of Lake Geneva, the local goldsmith exchange experiences. These skills skillful, creative Protestants from France refuge to a large number of departed Geneva eventually led to more than 500 gathered in this town watchmaker, these craftsmen are constantly looking for new ideas. In 1601, they founded the world's first watch company. Soon, these people felt very limited in Geneva, then left Geneva, through the farms and towns from Vaud to Basel, and eventually came to the mountains of the Jura.

They ultimately affect the migration Jahan · 100 years after Jacques Blancpain Jehan · Jacques · the Blancpain in 1735, he set foot in the watchmaker industry, famous. Jacques WINDSOR growth in French-speaking Jura, his hometown this mountain, Sushi River meanders through the Wei Lete Villaret mountain village, surrounded by WINDSOR farm. Beginning, with most of the Jura mountains, Jia Khan Blancpain produced only watch accessories. But soon, he began producing complete watches.

David Lewis, son of Jacques Blancpain Blancpain started in a neighboring country in the late 18th century, to sell her watch. Whenever the completion of a number of watches, he put them fitted carriage or riding in mail coaches these watches to the hands of foreign customers. However, did not last long, and soon the arrival of the French Revolution, so that they in trouble. But even in the difficult years, Blancpain or expand his business to the European continent. 1815, purely for commercial adventure, he set up a small watch manufacturer Blancpain marked. Since then, Blancpain watch a pioneer of genius, his innovative spirit and gather creative verve and time again to write the history.

The early 20th century, according to the inventor - John Harwood (John · Harwood) requirements of the world's first self-winding watches, Blancpain start mass production of a self-winding watch, and product sales to France market. 1931, according to the requirements of jewelery design institute in Paris the famous 利昂哈托特 (Leon · Hatot), on behalf of Blancpain 利昂哈托特 and launched the famous "Rolls self-winding watches. In early 1950, the famous Blancpain 50 feet diving watch worn on the wrist of Jacques Cousteau crew, is the world's most powerful 50-foot (91.5 m) waterproof watch, due to a reflect Sea World documentary "Silence of the World" and 1956 Cannes Film Festival awards, more multi-national naval future as standard equipment. In the same year, he launched a small circular mechanical watches "lady bird", highly ladies of all ages.

Since 1735, Blancpain has never produced quartz watch, the future will never, this principle later even become the company's ad. Indeed, Blancpain is not only the tight quartz watch and even that never use the ETA movement. In fact, can such a determination and courage, the most important is the movement from the famous factory Frederic · Piguet cooperative relations. Frederic · Piguet the movement factory founded in 1853 in LeBrassus, specially crafted traditional high quality ultra-thin movement and complex movement, is also part of the Swatch Group's, and has a number of factories in the Neuchatel region. He not only provide all kinds of movement required by Blancpain, at the same time, or a number of famous watch factory, such as Cartier, Cartier, Chopard Chopard, Corum watches Corum other supplier. However, the Blancpain model does not provide for the uniqueness of the Blancpain.

To reflect the fundamental value of the Blancpain technology in more than two and a half centuries of development, can be summarized several points, they are also this brand in the future route and the development of the foundation: the brand of the world the first table, watchmaker Art a model, a model of circular clocks, a cultural heritage, hand-manufacture and assembly of watches. Life of elegance, charm - a watch Blancpain world watches.





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